This module prepares adult volunteers to lead youth in completing a project that involves a science experiment. The eLearning module redesigned for Penn State Extension’s 4-H and adapted content from an existing PowerPoint presentation and source material from the subject matter expert. The redesign involved restructuring content to take advantage of the interactive capabilities of Storyline 2 and incorporating rich visuals to bring to life the experiment’s connection to real world stormwater management.

Audio narration provides additional information and guides volunteers through the module. The course player or user interface is minimal and allows learners to navigate freely using forward and back buttons.

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Free Response Example
Free Response Example

Before learning the steps to complete the experiment, a free-response question prompts learners to think about how we use water. Instructive feedback follows the question.

Slider Example

Learners move a slider up and down to learn about the impact of too much or too little water on the community.

Numbered Tabs Showing Steps

This screen uses numbered tabs to show a step-by-step process.

Drag And Drop Check-in

A drag and drop interaction checks for retention.

Creative Tabs

A creative approach to tabs helps learners explore real practices and model simulations.

Rich Visuals

Graphics and tabs enliven and organize the content.

Review Screen

Review screen uses lightbox links to revisit content.

Example Of A Lightbox Screen

A lightbox link allows learners to revisit content without losing their place in the module.

Free Response ExampleSlider ExampleNumbered Tabs Showing StepsDrag And Drop Check-inCreative TabsRich VisualsReview ScreenExample Of A Lightbox Screen