This module explains a new hiring and selection process for hiring managers and interviewers at a leading US payment processing company.

Interactive course menu

Interactive course menu

For this project, I worked directly with the client to design and develop a one-hour eLearning in Storyline360. To enable learners flexibility in completing the course, it was divided into six sections accessible from a custom interactive menu. Two versions of the course were created, tailored to two distinct audiences.

After a series of analysis conversations to understand the target audience, technical requirements, and objectives for the training, the module went through a highly iterative design stage. This required active collaboration with subject matter experts in order to accurately reflect the company’s new selection process.

Following the creation of the storyboard and initial draft versions of the course, the module was piloted with a sample audience at the client and further revisions were made.

Example screen from the project storyboard.

Example screen from the project storyboard.

Each version of the module uses an extended scenario to provide context for the selection process. The module asks the learner to think from the perspective of a hiring manager (or interviewer) and respond to scenario-based questions that reinforce the learning.

Please look through the screenshots below for examples of screens from the developed course. To see a demo version of the module, click here.

A Scenario Runs Throughout The Training To Help Provide Context And Check For Understanding.
Storyline Example 3

A scenario runs throughout the training to help provide context and check for understanding.

Storyline Example 2

Scenario questions challenge the learner to apply what they have learned about the selection process to a concrete situation.

Storyline Example 1

Interactive slides that show process steps through clickable elements.

Storyline Example 6

An updated approach to tabs to organize and convey related content.

Storyline Example 5

Drag and drop interactions to check learner retention.

Storyline Example 4

Section introduction pages ask the learner to think from the perspective of Marissa, the central character in the scenario.

Storyline Example 7

Interactive menu to allow easy navigation between sections.

A Scenario Runs Throughout The Training To Help Provide Context And Check For Understanding.Scenario Questions Challenge The Learner To Apply What They Have Learned About The Selection Process To A Concrete Situation.Interactive Slides That Show Process Steps Through Clickable Elements.An Updated Approach To Tabs To Organize And Convey Related Content.Drag And Drop Interactions To Check Learner Retention.Section Introduction Pages Ask The Learner To Think From The Perspective Of Marissa, The Central Character In The Scenario.Interactive Menu To Allow Easy Navigation Between Sections.