This blended learning project involved the creation of online components to complement existing in-person training. Elearning modules were designed to prepare learners for the training session as well as reinforce key behaviors upon return to the workplace. Using audio, text, graphics, and basic animation, each module guides the learner through the process of preparing for a sales call by asking them for input at each step. At the end of the module, the learner can save their answers as a PDF.

Introduction And Name Entry
Introduction And Name Entry

Learner's enter responses, including their name, throughout the module. Responses are captured on a PDF at the end.

Opening Probe Screen

Learners listen, read, and interact with the content. Here, the learner is asked to predict the answer. Audio feedback explains the correct response and its significance.

Relationship Building Screen

Questions challenge learners to think critically about the content and trigger different responses in the audio and animation on screen.

Introduction And Name EntryOpening Probe ScreenRelationship Building Screen