This series of eLearning modules provides a lighthearted explanation of a manager’s responsibilities in the client company’s performance review process. Adapted from a existing webinars, this series was designed to be available to managers when they need it.

The three modules uses audio narration, whiteboard animation, and playful imagery to acknowledge that while performance reviews might not be everyone’s favorite topic, they’re an important part of developing employees.

To view one of the entire modules, click here.

Active Listening
Active Listening

Learners listen to an audio clip and practice identifying what they hear.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation helps explain key concepts.

Course Review Page

Tabs help organize a review page with lightbox links.

Humorous Imagery And Audio

The audio narration and images throughout the course self-consciously poke fun at eLearning - while still communicating valuable content.

Creative Bullets

Rather than a list of bullet points, this screen asks the learner to click each note for things to remember.

Active ListeningWhiteboard AnimationCourse Review PageHumorous Imagery And AudioCreative Bullets