This higher education project involved redesigning a university course to be delivered by an instructor online using Blackboard. This course formed part of a larger curriculum seeking to create activity-focused, dynamic learning in an online environment. My role on this project was to work with university faculty and a production team to lead instructional design for the twelve modules of the course; this included curating the resources and media for the course, writing content to frame modules, activities, and resources, and designing and developing interactive case studies in Storyline.

Module Overview - Competitive Advantage
Module Overview - Competitive Advantage

Each of the twelve modules in the course begins with an overview to provide context for the student.

Module Components

Within each module, different components allow students to explore the content, check their understanding, and challenge themselves to apply what they have learned.

Each Lesson Has Multimedia Elements To Explore

Each module contains at least one lesson, which includes multimedia elements where students learn through exploration.

Multimedia Resources

Multimedia lessons leverage existing resources as well as featuring newly created content.

Matching ELearning

Matching eLearning modules check for understanding of key terms before students move on to the module challenge.

Module Challenges Use Real Business Cases

Module challenges may include interactive case studies that ask students to think critically about real world examples.

Whiteboard Animation From A Challenge

This custom whiteboard animation helps students understand the business problem faced in an interactive case study.

Module Challenge - Leveraging YouTube Resources

To provide additional inputs, the interactive case study leverages media assets released by the companies in question.

Questions In The Interactive Case Study

Throughout the interactive case study, students answer questions that ask them to apply what they learned from the module to the business case.

Module Overview - Competitive AdvantageModule ComponentsEach Lesson Has Multimedia Elements To ExploreMultimedia ResourcesMatching ELearningModule Challenges Use Real Business CasesWhiteboard Animation From A ChallengeModule Challenge - Leveraging YouTube ResourcesQuestions In The Interactive Case Study