For this project, the client needed to rapidly transform a content-heavy course in Spanish into an interactive Storyline eLearning module that effectively chunked content for better learner comprehension. While the module still covers a substantial amount of content, these screenshots demonstrate some of the ways long text passages and bullet points were re-imagined to take advantage of Storyline’s interactive capabilities.

Section Opener Screen
Section Opener Screen

This screen delineates a new section of the eLearning.


This accordion interaction displays additional content for each heading when clicked.

Interactive Graphic

Interactive graphics allow the learner to click hotspots on an image for additional information.

Tabs Interaction

This tabbed interaction displays the description of each term when clicked.

Content Presentation Screen

In a course with dense content, an effective layout for presentation screens is particularly important.

Clickable Key Points Layout

Simple, clickable layouts highlight key points.

Dial Interaction

Dial interactions emphasize contrasting sides.

Carousel Intreaction

Carousel interactions organize content in a logical way.

Blades Interaction

Blades allow learners to click to see the answer to a question.

Multiple Choice Question

Multiple choice questions check for understanding and reinforce key points.

Section Opener ScreenAccordionInteractive GraphicTabs InteractionContent Presentation ScreenClickable Key Points LayoutDial InteractionCarousel IntreactionBlades InteractionMultiple Choice Question